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The University of Bío-Bío is heir to the most ancient tradition of state and public higher education in the Biobío region. Its origins lay in the creation of the State Technical University (UTE) on April 9, 1947, during Gabriel González Videla’s presidency.

The creation of the Ñuble campus of the University of Chile, first as a regional College, had been the result of a wide civic movement aimed at avoiding young graduates from secondary education to emigrate to Santiago or other cities to enter higher education. In the beginning, it was located on the premises of the Santa Cecilia Musical Society and in one building on Libertad Avenue, where the Language School used to work. After that, in 1973, it received a donation of 33 hectares from the rural area of El Mono, the property of Fernando May Didier; that is when the construction of the current campus Fernando May began. In 1981 the assets of the growing IPROCH rose with the addition of the former premises of the Teacher’s School of Chillán, where now the La Castilla campus is located.

Later on, in 1988, the merging between the University of Bío-Bío and the IPROCH formed the institution currently known as University of Bío-Bío, the combination of two institutions that committed themselves to work along and build a common history.


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